Landlords in the New World of Covid-19

Gus Camelino spoke before a group of accountants of the Greater Toronto Accountants Association about legal issues facing commercial landlords in the Covid-19 era.

The Advocates’ Society

Linda Galessiere co-chaired the Advocates’ Society’s Program: “Litigating Contract Disputes” held on June 18, 2020.

Criminal Lawyers’ 2020 Spring Conference

Linda Galessiere was a speaker at the 2020 Criminal Lawyers’ Association Annual Spring Conference held on May 30, 2020 discussing “If only I had known what a civil lawyer would say about my criminal case – civil consequences of criminal trials”.

A Townhall – The Building and Concrete Restoration Association of Ontario

Gus Camelino was a panelist in a town hall meeting held on Friday, May 22, 2020 – “COVID-19 Delay and Cost Claims” presented by the Building and Concrete Restoration Association of Ontario. Gus’ discussion was focused on whether owners or contractors would have coverage for COVID-related losses under their insurance policies.

A Big Win! – Casterton v. MacIsaac

Congratulations to our partner Gus Camelino who won a huge judgment for his client who suffered a traumatic brain injury from a vicious hit during the final seconds of a recreational men’s hockey league game. The award of $702,551 was the highest ever made for a hockey injury case in Ontario. Bully’s beware! Casterton v. MacIsaac 2020 ONSC 190 (CanLII)

CBA Insolvency Law Conference

Gus Camelino represented our firm at the 2019 CBA Insolvency Law Conference in Banff. It’s a tough life!

OBA Insolvency Executive Appointment

We are proud of our partner Gus Camelino who was re-appointed to the OBA Insolvency Section Executive for the 2019-20 term. Congrats Gus!

Celebrating One Year!

Camelino Galessiere LLP is celebrating one year in business! Many thanks to our clients and our team for helping us make it an exceptional first year with many more to come!